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WebzSuite is the best business-oriented website management platform

We offer integrated analytics with marketing and website management, competition, metrics, website audits, social media, competition and metrics trackers. That is just a part of what our platform has to offer. We aim into providing one platform experience, that is not just business-oriented aiming into providing all data that is relevant to how your business operates, but also simply enough to save time and provide best analysis as possible without any further efforts on your side.

Weekly updates with new features every month

We are updating WebzSuite on weekly basis that will improve existing features. We aim to release new features every month.

Precise tracking of advertising traffic

WebzSuite offers revolutionary, structured traffic coming from different sources. You can easily track i.e. visitors coming from Facebook ad or post, Twitter post, each PPC campaign and more.

Analytics integrated with marketing management

To have proper overview of a traffic, we have integrated analytics with marketing management. This way you always know how your marketing efforts exactly are working.

Marketing Manager

Have you ever needed a service where you could check how each of your ad campaigns is performing based on a business metrics?

With WebzSuite you can not only get objective data-driven metrics but also get analytics for each campaign with just a few clicks. No matter what ad platform or strategy you're using.

Stop wasting your money and learn where you should focus and which strategies are offering best ROI. You can also group each campaign into projects so you can also gather combined metrics and analytics.


WebzSuite Analytics is the best business-oriented analytics on the market. Easy to use and accurate analytics allows you to learn more about habits of your visitors.

Pinpoint each user up to a year after their first visit! Now you will be able to track not only traffic but each single ad performance, as well as sales and behavior.

With WebzSuite Analytics you will not only save a lot of money, but you will also increase performance in a way that you never thought is possible.

MOZ & Majestic metrics

Now you can access MOZ & Majestic metrics from WebzSuite!

WebzSuite offer quick backlinks & metrics check tool, that allows you to check any domain current MOZ & Majestic metrics.

You can even track your site MOZ, Majestic and social metrics with a daily history, to learn which of your efforts are working best.

Competition Backlinks & Metrics Tracking

Track your competition backlinks and MOZ, Majestic and social metrics to make sure that you'll stay on top of the race!

For each of your domain, you can add tracked competition and then analyze data to see how you doing.

This tool is a great help for SEO campaigns as you can clearly see why your competitors are doing better, or how quickly they are closing to your SEO metrics.


WebzSuite offers you an easy to use and secure way to keep all the most important information about your website.

DomainVault allows you to keep information about each of your domains, registrar accounts and registrars themselves. No more looking for account id or password for your domain. Do not let your domain expire!

HostingVault is a tool that helps you manage all information about your hosting, dedicated servers, and other similar services.

Ad campaign tasks

Ad campaign tasks features allow you to easily manage more than just couple campaigns at the same time!

Often different campaigns that are using different strategies, will require certain actions at the certain time. With WebzSuite you can track each task that is required for a campaign to become successful.

Budget & costs tracking

Get the most important metrics like budget & costs tracking per each campaign and task.

Real-time financial metrics are critical during every marketing campaign. Now you won't lose track of your marketing budgets.

And much more

There are more features like tasks management or email reports, with more features coming out soon.

Every month there is a major update of WebzSuite with new features, so please keep track our blog to learn more.

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