Overview of WebzSuite.com features

Some of a features is still in developer or testing phase, i.e. WebzSuite Analytics is scheduled for release in next month.

Internet Marketing management

Manage your internet marketing in an intuitive and easy way. Proper implementation of your strategy is a crucial factor.


WebzSuite Analytics will be helpful for checking the performance of your internet marketing efforts in a revolutionary approach.


With WebzSuite Vaults, you will finally be able to manage all your domains, hostings and accounts in an easy and safe way.

Constant development

WebzSuite is in its early phase, which means that new features are popping up, almost on a weekly basis. We are aiming to provide updates every 2 weeks.

Marketing projects for your websites


WebzSuite projects allows you to create sub campaigns and tasks that will be helpful during implementations, management and for tracking the performance of your marketing efforts.

An easy and intuitive way to manage marketing for your domains. It does support both online and offline marketing, allowing you to obtain analytics from each campaign.

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Marketing campaigns management


Now you can not only the track performance of each campaign, but also sells, time life value of a clients, precise source of visit and of course manage your campaign in an easy way.

Stop wasting your money and start actually seeing the improvement of your ads.

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Campaign tasks

Campaign Tasks

Did you ever forgot about something related to your marketing? Do you have too much to remember?

Now you do not have to use Excel, Notepad or a calendar to keep on top of your tasks. With campaign tasks you are able to manage all your related tasks in a proper way.

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WebzSuite Analytics is a part of our secret sauce. With an innovative approach to Analytics, you will be able, not only to see each of your visits, but also to match it easily with your projects and campaigns.

Stop wasting your time with unreliable analytics. Start using a new generation of analytics that truly will improve your marketing campaign’s performance.

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Budget and cost tracking of marketing

Budget and cost tracking

Why spend money on poorly performing campaigns if now you are able to track the budget and cost of each project, campaign and task.

Know exactly how much your customers cost you and your ROI, along with other important metrics.

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Hosting vault dashboard


WebzSuite Vaults are safe and easy way to manage all your domains, hostings, accounts and more.

You can keep in a safe place all your important information along with reminders from when you should remember about extending your domain or hosting.

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What is scheduled next

What's next

Soonest big feature that is coming out is WebzSuite Analytics. It will be first public verison of our new revolutionary Analytics tool.

In coming months we will be releasing every month new big feature, along the upgrades of existing features.

As WebzSuite is currently small company, we have new features scheduled for next couple years. Hopefully we will grow and will be able to introduce more features with faster pace.

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