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Track each traffic source accuratly

Our Analytics allows you to easily track each traffic source, with our Campaigns, you can find out and separate all traffic in order to get best insight.

Not only our Analytics are superior to Google Analytics, but also much easier to use, with one page dashboard that providing all necessery information.

Powerfull Rules Engine

With our Analytics Rules Engine you can easily create rules to separate traffic based on number of variables.

We even offer priorities system for each project => campaign => rule.

You can even use Regex formula with our Rules Engine.

Group all your campaigns

You can also group selected campaigns into groups that we call "Projects", this way you can get unlimited number of automatically created dashboard for each campaign and project.

It is important to keep track of each ad campaign and assign it to appropriate project, as you're paying for each visitor.

For example you can have 10 ads on Facebook, traffic from 20 posts and organic traffic from your page. With us, you can easily track each visitor and Rules Engine will match it to appropriate project/campaign.

Visitors tracking

You can track each visitor separatly, track acqusition source up to a year and learn your visitors behaviour.

Each visitor has own dashboard, that gives you number of information about his sessions, views, stats, location up to a postal code and metrics.

*You can also track all visitors spending, ROI based on a campaign cost and more.

Easy to use

Ad campaign tasks features allow you to easily manage more than just couple campaigns at the same time!

Often different campaigns that are using different strategies, will require certain actions at the certain time. With WebzSuite you can track each task that is required for a campaign to become successful.

Budget & costs tracking

Get the most important metrics like budget & costs tracking per each campaign and task.

Real-time financial metrics are critical during every marketing campaign. Now you won't lose track of your marketing budgets.

And much more

There are more features like tasks management or email reports, with more features coming out soon.

Every month there is a major update of WebzSuite with new features, so please keep track our blog to learn more.

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